Terms & Conditions 

Participants registering after July 4, 2020, will have 30 days to enjoy and complete the course.

If a course is not taken within 30 days, it will become inactive. There will be a nominal fee to reset the course. Resetting the course will allow for one additional week of time to complete the course. After that time, a course must be repurchased in full.

Each course is only valid for the person registering for it. Course registration may not be transferred to another person.

Site licenses are available. A course administrator will be responsible for registering teachers from his/her district or school after the purchase of the site license. A completion date will be agreed upon when agreeing to the site license.

Make.n.Take materials may be added to any course by the participant. They are available at an additional cost to the course itself. Materials will be mailed within one week after registration or one week prior to the official course release date to pre-registrants.

The quizzes test two aspects: gifts and presence. Gift questions assess the gifts of knowledge educators receive while diligently taking the virtual courses. (What did you learn?) Presence questions assess the level of detail gained while watching and listening to the virtual courses. (How well did you pay attention during our time together?)

There are no returns of Make.n.Take materials.

There are no refunds of the virtual courses unless we deem it impossible to send you the course electronically.

All Federal and State trademark and copyright laws apply to our virtual courses, handouts, and manipulates. They may not be shared with any adult who has not registered and paid for the course.

An electronic handout will be provided for each course. Participants may print it in its entirety at the start of the course, or it may be printed one unit at a time. The handout is intended only for the person who registered and paid for the course. Any use beyond this agreement is unlawful. This includes, but is not limited to direct and indirect use on Teachers Pay Teachers, or similar sites.

Our videos belong to Teach BIG: The Writing Academy. Falling under registered copyright laws, they may not be rebroadcast/ copied/posted on any social media platform by any participant. This includes, but is not limited to: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Teacher courses (CPE certified) are only to be viewed by the person to which the course is registered.

Student courses (classroom lessons/CAMPs) may only be broadcast/viewed for the agreed upon amount of times in the specified contract.

You may not use the course contents in a professional development w/out written, expressed permission by Randi Whitney.

Participants may not claim any part of this course as their own. This is includes: PD, college coursework, or trainings with adults/students.

This course may not be altered in any way.

Participants may not combine or rearrange any part of a course and post for free or for sale on the Internet. This includes YouTube.

Participants may not obtain any part of our virtual courses through any resource other than Teach BIG: The Writing Academy. readingWRITE.org. 281-549-4466

Teach BIG: The Writing Academy is not held responsible for the amount of comprehension retained by any participant. Every effort has been made to create quality learning through continued research, thorough content, quality videos, sharp handouts, and efficient quizzes with multiple types of questions. It is up to the educator to listen, read, write, and participate through speaking (the 4 Learning Domains as set forth by ESSA, TEA, and the TEKS).

Running time of each inservice varies.

Running time plus built-in time for activities, quizzes, and the evaluation is all added together to create the total course time.

Participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of each course with his/her name printed upon it.  It shall not be altered.

The participant’s name, course taken, completion date, and viewing time of the course will be turned in to TEA for CPE credit hours. The aforementioned items will serve as an official sign-in sheet.

Site licenses are available to schools/districts/ESCs.

Thank you for abiding by the universally accepted code of ethics among educators everywhere! Ultimately, if you purchased this course, we want you to enjoy it with all of your students forever! If you love it, and want to share it, please do so by giving out our website or phone number! Blessings on a great school year!