Revising (Grades 3-8)

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Course Description

In true Writing Academy, creative, tactile-kinesthetic fashion, revising will be taught by being a R.O.C.K. star!  Teachers will learn to teach students to recognize connections, offs, repeats, and knowledge needed in assessment test selections. This course will address fragments/run-ons and misused/confused words. Teachers will see how students become “CSI – Comma Splice Investigators” to become experts in comma usage and sentence structure. Teachers will walk away with a wealth of knowledge about what is tested on the assessment, and tactile-kinesthetic, fun ways for students to learn and remember how to revise sentences, selections, and papers using sample assessment test passages/questions.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Revising Vocabulary
  • Word Choice
  • Conjunctions & Commas
  • R.E.A.D. (Rearrange/Exchange/Add/Delete)
  • R.O.C.K. (Repeats/Offs/Connections/Knowledge)