Jasper’s Jambalaya (Grades PK-2)

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Course Description

Jasper’s Jambalaya, or PK-2 Revising, does a masterful job of pulling together all of the rules of the Editing day and showing teachers how to bring all of the concepts together in one interactive bulletin board.  Students will add to the board each day and by the end of the week, covered a myriad of the TEKS in one swoop!  This is perhaps, one of the most effective approaches to utilizing the rules of grammar in ordinary ways so that students become proficient due to authentic, everyday use.  Utilizing concepts from Lexicon Mysteries and Sentence Weather, this interactive bulletin board will fast become a highlight of your students’ day!

Welcome to your Make and Take journey with Teach BIG: The Writing Academy!  You will receive your box of Make and Take materials approximately one week from the date you sign up for the course.  You are welcome to begin the course, but you will need to stop when a Make and Take time appears until you have received your box of goodies, unless you would like to progress through the course and compete the Make and Take at a later time. 

Some Make and Take pointers:

  • Your Make and Take box will be shipped to the mailing address that we are provided at the time of enrollment.
  • Your box will arrive with only a mailing label on the front and a course label on the side of your box.
  • You will have a cute top label that has been printed of full-sheet sticker paper inside your box.  You can apply that label at any time.
  • You will see that you are also receiving a sheet of stickers which have numbers upon it.  Those are the number that will be applied to your bags as you create them.
  • The course will build in instructions for making everything directly after the unit for which that activity applies.
  • Some bags will contain a one whole group demonstration set, while others will contain small group or individual sets of manipulatives.
  • A timer is embedded to provide time for you to complete the cutting, gluing, folding, or assembling.
  • If you choose to add on the Make and Take portion after you have completed then course, you will receive a video with only the Make and Take portion of the course.
  • A certificate of attendance will be assigned after the completion of the course/Make and Take time.
  • It is your responsibility to truly engage and create all of the manipulatives designed for your class.
  • All copyright laws apply to use, copying, and distribution of all materials contained within the Make and Take.  The box of manipulatives is designed for one class and for the individual educator who completed the course.

Key concepts covered include:

  • R.O.A.M.E.S. Access Learning Process
  • Lexicon Mysteries
  • Sentence Weather
  • Interactive Bulletin Board