Reading WRITE @ Home READING – Passage Analysis Part 1

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(TAP – The Concrete Side of Reading)

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Course Description

Do you have a child who is a struggling reader?  Does your child dread Reading? What about Writing?  Does your child need extra help to get through this stressful time?  How are your kids performing on Reading and Writing assessments?  Is dyslexia getting in the way?  The answer isn’t more Reading.  The answer isn’t more Writing.  The answer is Reading WRITE! Get ready to see children’s confidence soar, as they learn strategies that will take them into adulthood! 

Reading and Writing should be a time for bonding, not a time for added stress, so get ready to see a whole new reader and writer in your house!  Don’t delay….Register TODAY!

Key concepts covered include:

  • Author’s Purpose
  • STICKing to the Story
  • TRACKing a Story
  • Literary Elements
  • Summarizing